Welcome to the World Famous New Beanos Website



We bought this site as a mark of respect for a yet another “unsung Hero” of the British Record and Music scene. Beanos music shop was originally started in 1975 and owned by a London entrepreneur called David Lashmar who built Beanos in Croydon South London into a mecca for Vinyl music fans, and was reported to be one of the biggest Vinyl records shops in Europe in it’s time, with a speciality for “hard to find” and special stocks of limited edition vinyl records and CD’s.

But becuase of the changes in the British Music scene, distribution costs, reducing margins  and we guess the  destructive increasing costs of business rates, and other overheads it was forced to close in Autumn 20009 .

[David was featured in the excellent  BBC series “Turn Back Time – The High Street” in December 2010.  David Lashmar appeared as a 1970s record shop owner trying to sell vinyl records to the public in Shepton Mallet, Somerset. He was also featured in a useful article on the BBC website HERE]

He traded for over thirty years, but Beanos faced the threat of closure in 2006, although the immediate threat was averted by increasingly concentrating the store’s focus on rare vinyl records rather than Compact Discs which were being undercut by large music chains and supermarkets. However, in November 2008 Lashmar posted a notice on the website stating the store would have to close after Christmas of that year as sales had not picked up. The shop finally closed in the 2009.

Beanos – The Future of Vinyl

So when we saw the domain was for sale we thought wouldn’t it be great to relaunch the Beanos website to act as a focal point for Vinyl records, we intend to initially showcase any other places you can get Vinyl records for Rock music, Reggae, Ska, Blues, World Music, Jazz, Folk and any thing else that takes our fancy. Also if we get time we want to promote articles and sites that are bringing the beauty of Vinyl to the next generation and artists who are  releasing CD’s(Compact Discs), Digital MP3′s AND Vinyl.

If you are wondering who we are, well we are two brothers who are passionate about Music, Radio & Live Music in Great Britain, and we are from the West Midlands.

You can see our main websites at www.WorldMusic.co.uk